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Impressum & Disclaimer

Since nearly 20 years, I try to capture adventures and impressions on film during my travels. Starting with a relatively simple Nikon F-401x, I took pictures for years using the legendary Nikon F-90x. At present I work with a Nikon D-700 FX. Fast lenses with good optical properties are at least as important as a good camera body. Personally, I count on diverse original lenses by Nikon for macro, close-up and distant ranges. Beside several prime-lenses, I work with standard zoom lenses and several wide-angle and telephoto lenses.Like many divers I became fascinated by the diversified world under water since my first dive in the red sea in 2003. However, I had to figure out that taking pictures under water is completely different compared to shoots on land. After first experiences with a simple Olympus compact camera, I used a Sea & Sea DX-1G compact camera for years. By now, I use my Nikon D-700 also underwater with a Subal housing. A relatively powerful Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe as well as Ultralight arm systems complete my under water photo equipment.

Marco Walter



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